Story of MCD Garden Sheds

A family meeting the Needs of Garden Owners since 2009

MCD Garden Sheds are a family garden sheds business. The business manufactures high quality, bespoke Garden Sheds, each made to order. Read about the story of MCD Garden Sheds


MCD Garden Sheds, owned and operated by the McDonald family. This family of engineers create, develop and manufacture all their garden sheds and garden rooms at their manufacturing site.

Before making garden sheds, the company managed their own allotments, which is owned and operated by the family. While supporting the allotment owners, many of whom traveled a distance to manage their garden allotments, a need arose for a garden shed on many of the allotments. This led to the initial purchase of garden sheds through existing suppliers for the allotment owners. Upon supporting customers by sourcing the garden sheds, Gearóid the founder of MCD Garden Sheds was left frustrated.

Fingal Indo Allotments Award 2-1

As an engineer, he found that the garden sheds which were available on the market, did not survive in the tough wet & windy UK climate weather. Many of these garden sheds were made using cheap, low quality wood. In appearance they seemed fine, however the reality was that they were not going to meet the needs of his allotment gardeners. Eventually, in April 2011, Gearóid decided to make a garden shed for one of his allotment owners.

Garden Sheds

Upon making a Garden Shed, Gearóid took his engineering knowledge and applied it to a simple Garden Shed. What could be complicated about a garden shed? Well, to survive the tough damp UK & Irish weather conditions, you need a garden shed that can handle wind and plenty of rain. For this, we chose metal roof as standard. Secondly, a strong frame with supports in the key places. A breathable membrane was added to our roof and walls. Finally, high quality pressure treated Scandinavian wood was sourced. All wood used throughout, including our tough T&G floorboards are fully pressure treated. This ensures all our wood is preserved and protects against rot and insects. Quality wood combined with hot-dipped galvanised nails, screws & hardware combine to ensure our garden sheds are designed to survive the toughest of weather conditions. Every shed is designed to last many years (or even decades) of enjoyment.

Soon after the first garden shed order, another quickly followed. As word spread, Gearóid had to call in the support of his father Ger. Shortly after the first carpenters joined the team. They were another father and son duo, who became invaluable to the business in the early days. To this day, one of the duo Gary, holds the master carpenter role in our manufacturing team, while his father, Sean has since retired. Their woodworking knowledge and attention to detail has helped the business grow whilst always focusing on quality.

Business Growth

In 2015, an opportunity became available to expand the company. This opportunity was located in Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England. This saw another family become involved in the business. Martin and Emma Blacksell joined our UK team, representing the MCD Garden Sheds brand across the United Kingdom. As the business grew, so did our markets and team members. In 2017, Gearóid’s brother Derek joined the company, making it a trio of McDonald’s at the helm.

In 2019, before the Covid pandemic, the company had less than 20 employees across the UK and Ireland. Today in 2021 the company has grown to 60 employees and counting. The demand for garden sheds through the covid period caused many opportunities for the business. Ultimately the business grew successfully in line with demand, and naturally with this growth the business faced many challenges. One of these challenges was the efficient supply of garden sheds to avoid long lead times. To combat this, a thorough review of the business operations began at the start of 2021.

Our company systems are getting updated, processes reviewed and product offering optimised. We are working to accomodate the needs of our ever growing base of UK & Irish customers. In reading this, you are seeing an early visible phase of this optimisation through this website, while there have been and will be many more changes to come. Our ultimate goal is to grow while ensuring our customers benefit from higher quality, customisable Garden Sheds and Garden Rooms.

Post Covid Growth in 2021

In 2021, another milestone was reached. MCD Garden Sheds became the official supplier of Wooden Garden Sheds to Woodies DIY in Ireland. This growth has provided the business with national attention in Ireland. With this increased attention, the business continues to grow and thrive to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Going forward, the business aims to continue investing and adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. At MCD Garden Sheds, the focus and passion for bespoke, high quality solutions is relentless. To join our family on this journey, follow us on our social media.

One of our original Garden Sheds. Made at the end of 2011. This can be found at our Head Office in Naul, Co.Dublin.

This Garden Shed remains in active use by a member of the Fingal Allotments. This is one of a number of our Garden Sheds that can still be found at the site where our business started over 10 years ago.