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Treatex Exterior Oil


Treating your garden shed is an important step to take each year!

Maintaining a garden shed is needed every year. While all MCD Garden Sheds have a 10 year anti rot guarentee, maintaining your shed will make it look as good as the day you bought it.

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Shed Varnish Treatex Exterior Oil  is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials including Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, natural waxes and are free of toxic substances. Treatex Exterior Oils are the ideal new or renovation finish for, cladding, doors, windows, garden structures, and other exterior joinery. Treating wood and timber products is an important process is prolonging the life of your garden shed. It is recommended to oil or varnish sheds and timber garden furniture once a year at least.

Treatex Exterior Oil penetrates deeply into timber surfaces and in a similar way to bark, attach to the wood capillaries. This provides protection against extreme climate conditions through a high water repellent, weather and UV resistant surface. Which can prevent the formation of cracks and swelling in the surface after treatment.

MCD have stock of Treatex in sheer (Clearcoat) but we can order any of the Treatex oil & paint range, contact our sales team for more information.

Delivery times may vary depending on the product and the time of the year. For a quote to your location, contact our a member of the MCD Family.

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