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2020 was the year that everybody valued what they had at home. Many even decided it was time to renovate! The holiday fund became the home project fund. Home offices became the norm. Having a place to retreat and enjoy your garden was necessary. The year saw a rise in popularity for garden sheds. Infact, google has said that it was one of the highest searched terms in 2020.

We know that deciding what the right shed is for your home can be tough. After all, there is plenty of options out there. It is important to choose one that you can add some personal touch and comfort to, and fit to your home and garden.

What to look for when buying a shed

The four main things to keep in mind when searching for Garden Sheds are; purpose, size, roof and wood. These four factors are important to note as you select the shed you want.


There are numerous styles of sheds. Each shed caters to different needs, so choose one to suit you. Is it a storage shed for your tools and flower pots? A work shop with valuable tools and solid benches? As 2020 has shown us, a home office for your computer and meetings?

These three scenarios have a different result for what shed you need. Decide on the main purpose for your home.

Roof Shape

There are two types of roof traditionally on a shed. An apex roof and a pent roof. The best roof material is box profile metal, they last a lifetime.


The traditional triangle style roof found on sheds is called Apex. There are two slopes meeting in the middle. The middle is the highest point and the centre of the shed has the most head room internally.


Sloping to one side, Pent roofs are usually higher in one side of the shed. The higher side is usually at the front. Although, it can be changed to suit your garden shape. Pent roofs are great for a smaller area which may have overhanging branches.


Wood is the traditional material in shed assembly. This is for a reason, Wood is a natural material. Sheds built with wood blend into the garden, never taking away from the beauty of your plants, vines and trees.

MCD’s range of Garden Sheds are built with Pressure treated timber sourced from Scandinavia. By pressure treating, it starts a preservation process which it is placed in a vacuum chamber. This removes all the air from the timber cells and replaces them with preservatives. The pressure treating process prevents rot of wood for up to 10 years.


One of the most important pieces in your shed choice, is how much space you have. Garden Sheds can vary in sizes from 3 ft x 2 ft to 24 ft x 12 ft. If your garden is tight, why not consider a Corner Pent Shed. This shed fits snug into a right-angled corner.

All the MCD Range of Garden Sheds are hand built to order. This means your shed can be built to any side to suit your garden. To talk to our team about a shed that suits your space, Click here!

Top Shed types

Traditional shed
MCD Garden Shed Apex Style
Traditional Apex Style

The classic apex shed in the MCD range. Crafted with shiplap Scandinavia timber and finished with a box profile metal roof. Each shed has acrylic windows to allow day light to brighten up the room. The Traditional shed is ideal for homes which lack storage. The Shiplap finish is more watertight than an overlay board, Meaning you workshop is rid of damp and moisture.

Cost: from £699

Garden Lodge
MCD Garden Sheds Lodge With a 4 foot veranda
Garden Lodge with a four foor veranda.

The Garden Lodge is a perfect match for those who want to retreat to the garden. Lodges have a 4 ft sheltered veranda, a size which comfortably fits chairs on for warm summer living.

The Lodge can have added insulation, electrical wiring and double-glazed windows. Sounds lovely for a home bar or even a children’s play room.

Cost: from £1049

Pent and Gardener shed
Garden Pent Shed With Flowers Lifestyle Image
Garden Pent Shed 

The pent shed has long been known as the gardeners shed. This shiplap shed has a pent roof, which offers extra headroom at one side of the shed. The hinge door can attach to either side to open into your garden.

For the gardening enthusiast, check out the Potting Shed. The built-in hard wood work table allows you to plant seeds at a height. With shelving below large windows.

Cost: from £819

Ruby Combo Home Office
Ruby Combo Summerhouse In a Back garden
Ruby Combo Summerhouse

The Ruby Combo allows you to get the best of both sheds from one shed in your home. The spacious combo splits in two with a Garden House in the larger side and a Storage Shed in the remaining area.

This Ruby Combo is the best designed home office. The large open-plan house section can be upgraded to have electric wiring, insulated walls and PvC double-glazed windows. Giving the feel of being in office from your home.

Cost: from £2349

Custom Build
Home Gym Bespoke Garden Shed Building
Bespoke Garden Room

If you desire a more customised shed which differs to the norm, why not get one built in our work shop. At MCD Garden Sheds we specialize in building bespoke garden sheds and rooms. We can design a shed to fit any purpose.

All of our custom-built sheds are finished with a commercial steel roof. These are topped with a metal ridge cap. Internal walls are assembled using TGV Timber as standard. On request these can be upgraded to plasterboard or a mix of timber and plaster.

Other Options include

  • Insulation
  • Electrical Wiring
  • PVC Double Glazed windows
  • Rain Gutters

All the MCD Garden Sheds range are delivered and assembled by our team of expert carpenters. Delivery times may vary depending on the product and the time of the year. Our team offer Free delivery in the Dublin Area. For delivery outside Dublin, please inquire for a quote.

To learn more about the MCD Garden Shed range, contact our team on 01226 215 090 or email